Sabrina Campbell (CDO ’12) is the younger sister to Samantha (CDO ’10) who was an ambassador of mine in 2010, Sabrina was along for the ride on that photoshoot with Samantha and has been dying for me to do her senior photos ever since. She was a lock for my ambassador this year at CDO and I’m honored she was so Enthusiastic. Sabrina.. this was so much worth the wait. I loved working with you.

Sabrina is passionte, sensitive and Harliously witty. Sabrina doesn’t let ANYONE push her around, and isn’t intimitaded by any situation as proof by her participation on drumline (the only girl her entire 4 years of high school) and this year she’s a section leader. She’s tremendously talented, personalable and beautiful, plus she can bake with the best of them.. she’s the whole package guys.

Sabrina’s commitment, dedication and passion for the drumline is unmatched.. there’s really nothing else that compares in her life, and her fellow drumline and band friends are like family. Sabrina lives for the bright lights of friday nights on the football field so she can be heard. She counts her time spent with a championship caliber football team and all those experiences that comes with the seriuosness with which the school takes the whole events among her fondest memories in all her life.

In addition to her love for the drumline – Sabrina is more than a budding pastry chef… she’s been taking classes at CDO and spending extra time profecting her craft. It’s Sabrina’s desire to work as a pastry chef for a living…. she’s been attending competetions and such along the way, excelling at every turn. It’s fun to hear her talk about it all.

Next up for Sabrina is to attend some sorta technical college for Culinary Arts and/or Event Coordination and Hospitality.

Super excited to stay in touch with you Sabrina… and don’t tell your sister I had even more fun working with you ! HAHA…

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