Emily Wilkinson (IRHS’12) or as I like to call her “the Gazelle” has attended Ironwood Ridge High School all 4 years – she loves to run, and boy can she run, and run, and run. During the cross country & track & field parts of our photoshoot together she was like a prancing gazelle.. so athletic and elegant. Her run through the desert was almost like a dance, it was so perfect. Emily is one of many standout stars on this year’s Ironwood Ridge championship caliber Cross Country team, then continuing on into Track and Field in the spring. Emily participated with the State Championship teams in the 2009-2010 season (Emily’s Sophomore year) along with fellow TWP Senior Steve Magnuson (IRHS ’10). Emily is aiming to get a full ride scholarship with her running and is headed in the right direction. Look forward to seeing how that pans out for you Emily. Emily describes herself as: Constantly active, dedicated, strong willed while being a responsible, perfectionist 1st born like myself. Emily’s parents Erik & Krystal are super involved in her life as they both run themselves, which becomes a family affair when younger brother Jacob [IRHS '14] joins in (he’s also on the team). During my consult interview of Emily I got a chance to tour her room which is lined with all kinds of running awards over the years, along with some super fun motivational quotes posted around her room, she also has a “bearded dragon” named “Arizona”. I got to see Arizona get fed while I was there, it was a sight to see for sure. Next up for Emily: hopefully a running scholarship to her desired college of choice: Adam State in Colorado. Thanks so much Emily for bringing me into your world, I am forever grateful for your participation.

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