In April of 2011 – I hosted the 2nd class for my 101 level Photography workshop. These are the graduates – “class 102″ – of my first level (101) TWP Photo Workshop. 6 students this time around with 1 (Trina Callie) not pictured. It was again a huge hit and I really enjoyed doing the teaching thing again. I love anything that reminds me of my teaching students how to Scuba Dive.

If you missed the first post here’s that:

Click on (or copy & paste into a new browswer window) this link below to Read this for a more indepth review of the workshop, and a recap on the content.

I’m working on opening up class #103 of the Level 101 workshop that will run 3 weeks in July (certainly the last class of 2011) running either mondays, tuesdays or thursdays starting with either the 11th, 12th or 14th, with a limited number of 10 spaces. If you are interested please contact me here:

Travis Williams Photography

Here are some photos from class #102
Our lovely model: Naomi Hitchcock – also a photographer herself and a TWPW graduate of class “101″

The Students of Class #102

Melissa Odell (pictured above)

Alma Avarado (pictured above)

Sarah Boge (pictured above)

Melanie Thornton (pictured above)

Jennifer Roth (pictured above)

Naomi Hitchcock (pictured above – both our model and a recent TWP workshop graduate)

This Class group photoshoot is a fun way to celebrate those that participated and have joined the TWP Workshop family forever ! Thanks to all and thanks for the wonderful feedback.

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