October of 1999 – was the last time I taught an Open Water Scuba class… 12 years is a long time to be away from teaching something I’m passionate about. 2011 – my passion is now Photography and the thought of teaching others about it really is exciting for me. The “TWP Workshop” was born in Feb of 2011 – and 7 students undertook the journey with me for this first class. It really took me back to all the things I enjoyed about being a teacher. The class format was really influenced by the concepts & methodology of the Open Water Scuba Diving courses i taught for over 7 years in the 1990′s. We started with some theory the first night in a classroom discussion format, then moved on to the “on-location” photoshoot in which the students put into practice the concepts taught the first night a week earlier. The 3rd and final meeting of the class was designed to put it all together in a photo project submission consisting of 5 photos taken since the workshop had begun. These photos were presented to the class and to me, by each of the class participants. After presentation, both myself and fellow classmates gave critique and praise all of which was helpful feedback in the journey each of these photographers are on. The overall feedback I got regarding the class from these first 7 graduates now being called “Class 101″ was outstanding. The class was more helpful & enjoyable to them than I ever anticipated. This feedback, along with their experiences generated new interest, both from friends that knew each of them, as well as my own interest in teaching it again.

It is with great excitement that I have opened up class “102″ meeting tuesday nights this April of 2011 – 10 spaces total – for those that would like to be the next set of graduates who have taken their photography to the next level. Don’t wait – class starts tuesday April 5th, and spaces will go fast.

Contact me for more info including dates, times & cost, along with more specifics on class content:

Travis Williams Photography

——-IS THIS FOR YOU ?————-

Here’s some thoughts on who this workshop is for:
This class is for you if you:
…have a DSLR and want to know what equipment to invest in next
…use auto mode a majority of the time
…use the popup flash on the front of the camera
…aren’t happy with the results you’ve been getting from your camera
…are curious how ISO, Shutter Speed & F-stop relate to each other in order to
properly expose an image
…want to learn to be more artistic in your approach to photography
…want some general tips, tricks and rules of thumb to improve your skills as a

I wanted to share some of the great feedback I got from the students of this class:

——-Actual Class participants feedback——————

When asked what their favorite part of the workshop was:

“the photoshoot”
“critiques, plus really appreciated travis’ openness to accept email questions between classes for additional support and help”
“putting my new knowledge into action with the on location photoshoot”
“the photo project submission for critique was very helpful to my own improvements”
“the collaborative on location photoshoot and working direct with Travis, in addition to the other students and my partner”
“one on one time with travis on location for the photoshoot”
“loved the first night of class learning about the 3 exposure parameters and how they all worked together”
“I enjoyed the photo project submission – it really made me think about why/how I shot my photos to get the end result”

————Photos from the Class Shootshop————————————————————-

A look at some photos of each of the students that came out for this experience, along with a few good ones by me of our Portrait model Kathryn.

Below – 4 images of our fantastic portrait model for the shootshop part of the workshop: Kathyrn Castro – one of my TWP Seniors for the class of 2010. Kathyrn, thanks for being so game for anything and for being comfortable with 8 cameras pointed at you. A privledge and an honor to have you apart of this experience.


Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Ericka Reynolds

Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Alixanee Kramer

Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Naomi Hitchcock & her personal thoughts & recommendations:

“This class was extremely beneficial and informative! I had only a very small amount of knowledge regarding “manuel mode” prior to this class. Every once in a while someone might give me a random tip on how or why to change a setting in order to get a better exposure, but it was always placed in my short term memory and I never knew how making those changes effected the other settings found in manual mode. Learning manual mode was important to me because I wanted to be able to take good-looking and well-exposed photos while still incorporating my own artistic styles. In Travis’ class we learned what each exposure parameter means on its own as well as how each one effects the others. During the days following the first session I became more and more confident in my use of manual mode. I was making changes and I knew why I was making them. The more I practiced the more confident I became. Once I got a good exposure I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted and I felt more comfortable trying out new and more creative compositions. The small classroom setting allowed us to learn at pace that allowed everyone time to understand what we were discussing and ask as many questions as we needed; the on-location photo shoot helped us in applying what we had learned with some one-on-one guidance; and lastly, the final photo project allowed us to show our work, critique our own and others’ works, and recieve feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of our photos. Put all these things together and you get a great and effective learning environment as well as a downright fun time! Travis’ class was well-taught and well worth the time and money.”

Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Shannon Dudley

Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Melissa Royer

Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Stacy MacLaren & her personal thoughts & recommendations:

My experience in the TWP Photo Workshop was priceless. I went in being nothing more than someone who picked up my camera and let the ‘auto’ mode control everything. I didn’t realize how much I was limiting myself and my creativity by doing so. Travis has a great manner and way of teaching and taking someone who was so uncomfortable behind the lens, to the point of being comfortable learning, practicing…and implementing techniques I could actually UNDERSTAND and use – all while in Manual Mode! I will state, without a doubt, this class was really the start of my photography world…worth more than I paid for this workshop any day of the week!

- Stacy MacLaren

Below: TWP Grad – Class 101 – Kristina Christensen

Below: TWP Grads | Class “101″

Thanks so much to the 7 gals who took the very first class – I will forever remember having you all in class !

- Travis Williams

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