Standing on the sidelines of a football game under the friday night lights of Pusch Ridge Christian Academy stadium late in the fall of 2010 the night was balmy. I watched the QB hike the ball and quickly hand it off to #25 .. he broke to his left coming up close to the Lion’s sideline and thundering right past me, low to the ground he pummled an opposing defender, straight out punishing him for tackling him. Opposing players asked their teammate “did anyone get the plates on that truck?” to which lion teammates lining the sidelines yelled out “TYLER VANCE” .. it was true, Tyler is alot like a Mac truck. His father was his high school football coach all his high school years and I never in 2.5 seasons ever saw any treatment of preference from his dad towards him. Tyler played and played alot cause he was good. Most of Tyler’s best high school memories revolve around the gridiron, however his most cherished experience in high school didn’t even take place in this country. A spanish 4 class trip in the summer before his senior year left him and several of his best friends with one of the most meaningful life experiences to be remembered forever as they backpacked through Mexico. Tyler describes himself as outdoorsy, laid back, relaxed yet focused. Tyler grew up his entire life in Tucson and will head up the road to flagstaff and attend the Univ of Flagstaff for college. Tyler’s ultimate goal is to become a fire fighter. Thanks Tyler for allowing me to tell your story. Many thanks for your willingness to entrust me with the daunting task.

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