Layne Plummber has big plans… he’s got a purpose, a focus & is more dedicated to this than anyone his age I’ve ever met. He describes himself as having great diverse perspective, being self-aware & self-entertaining. His mom literally told me one of her favorite things about Layne was his uncanny ability to disfuse tension by quoting random disney movie quotes – (think “Emperor’s New Groove” type stuff). Layne’s parents said of him: He’s funny, warm, confident constantly finding approval from within, almost immune to peer pressure. Layne is his own person and it showed. Layne has strong parents both with huge military backgrounds: dad recently out of the air force and mom currently serving in the reserves, they lived alot of places over the years. Layne currently has dual citizenship as he was born in Bambury UK and he will be forced to choose between the UK & USA come Oct when he turns 21. Like his father before him Layne & his dad embarked on a journey to restore his 1962 VW Beetle, most of which Layne ended up doing on his own cause he wanted to prove he could. Layne’s hobbies include the fun, adrenline & danger producing kind. Mountain Biking has taken center stage as Layne is working part-time at Oro Valley Bicycles and is actively riding on a “24 hours of Old Pueblo” relay racing team set to perform middle of Feb 2011. To celebrate all that is Layne, we took to downtown Tucson with the ’62 Beetle and then headed up north of Tucson to the town of Oracle to the 24 hour course to do some mountain biking action shots. It was truly one of the most EPIC shoots I’ve ever done, and super fun to boot. Next up for Layne: he’s heading to NAU to do some general ED and start on his Mechanical Engineering degree after which he’ll transfer to Colorado School of Mines right in the heart of snowboarding & mountain biking heaven. Layne, it was truly a pleasure, you’re as unique as they come and I already count you among my friends and look forward to staying close over the years with our common interests. Godspeed my friend and thanks for sharing your world with us. I had an outstanding crew for this shoot as Randi Wood came out to assist, Ashley Maddox ( came out to get behind the scenes video), and Layne’s girlfriend Heidi joined as “hair & makeup” who is also a budding photographer. I will forever remember this experience Layne !

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