When I pulled into Tonya Haley’s driveway of her home the afternoon of Nov 6th, 2009 – I had never before met Joshua Zwick… I hadn’t met his twin brother Justin, nor had I ever met their sister Kimberly… these are the adult children of Tonya Haley’s. This is Tonya Haley’s family… and a family she adores. When we were considering a location in which we’d capture a new family portrait Tonya told me she wanted to shoot at her home… a place that has meant so much to her and to her family. A home she’d struggled to keep on her own. You didn’t have know Tonya, Joshua, Justin & Kimberly long to know that they loved each other, what was clear was that Tonya never struggled to love.. and neither had Joshua, Justin & Kimberly. At the time of the photo shoot none of us knew that only a short 15 days later Joshua Zwick’s life on this earth would come to an end in a tragic car accident back home in South Carolina, I didn’t know that I was documenting their last family portrait the 4 of them together. It was just another job to me… another mom to please, another family to take pictures of. What happened that day with this “photoshoot” changed us all. These family photos that follow have become something much much more than a job, another family, another picture. These photos that follow have become a memory, a smile, a heartfelt hug, or a chance to go back whenever needed to be reminded of Joshua as he will be remembered by Tonya, Justin, Kimberly and others who knew and loved Joshua like their own. I wasn’t present at Joshua’s life celebration ceremony in body… but Tonya brought me there… she brought these photos of Joshua and her family and thanked me in front of everyone for giving her something much much more than a photograph. Unnecessary but kind, Tonya speaks of my gift to her often and openly since then even…. when what she & Joshua have given me, has really been the gift ! The Gift of understanding that what I “do” isn’t at all what I thought it was… and what I do doesn’t define me, what I do is share people’s lives, and what I do Moves me. I got new meaning my job on 11/21/09, and Joshua got a new beginning, Joshua began the first day of the rest of his life and the rest of us who call Jesus our Lord and Savior will see him soon, and in the end what seemed like many years later was in fact more like 15 mins to him. See you soon Airman Joshua Zwick (USAF).