Sabrina | Senior [CDO '12]

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Sabrina Campbell (CDO ’12) is the younger sister to Samantha (CDO ’10) who was an ambassador of mine in 2010, Sabrina was along for the ride on that photoshoot with Samantha and has been dying for me to do her senior photos ever since. She was a lock for my ambassador this year at CDO and I’m honored she was so Enthusiastic. Sabrina.. this was so much worth the wait. I loved working with you.

Sabrina is passionte, sensitive and Harliously witty. Sabrina doesn’t let ANYONE push her around, and isn’t intimitaded by any situation as proof by her participation on drumline (the only girl her entire 4 years of high school) and this year she’s a section leader. She’s tremendously talented, personalable and beautiful, plus she can bake with the best of them.. she’s the whole package guys.

Sabrina’s commitment, dedication and passion for the drumline is unmatched.. there’s really nothing else that compares in her life, and her fellow drumline and band friends are like family. Sabrina lives for the bright lights of friday nights on the football field so she can be heard. She counts her time spent with a championship caliber football team and all those experiences that comes with the seriuosness with which the school takes the whole events among her fondest memories in all her life.

In addition to her love for the drumline – Sabrina is more than a budding pastry chef… she’s been taking classes at CDO and spending extra time profecting her craft. It’s Sabrina’s desire to work as a pastry chef for a living…. she’s been attending competetions and such along the way, excelling at every turn. It’s fun to hear her talk about it all.

Next up for Sabrina is to attend some sorta technical college for Culinary Arts and/or Event Coordination and Hospitality.

Super excited to stay in touch with you Sabrina… and don’t tell your sister I had even more fun working with you ! HAHA…

Emily | Senior [IRHS '12]

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Emily Wilkinson (IRHS’12) or as I like to call her “the Gazelle” has attended Ironwood Ridge High School all 4 years – she loves to run, and boy can she run, and run, and run. During the cross country & track & field parts of our photoshoot together she was like a prancing gazelle.. so athletic and elegant. Her run through the desert was almost like a dance, it was so perfect. Emily is one of many standout stars on this year’s Ironwood Ridge championship caliber Cross Country team, then continuing on into Track and Field in the spring. Emily participated with the State Championship teams in the 2009-2010 season (Emily’s Sophomore year) along with fellow TWP Senior Steve Magnuson (IRHS ’10). Emily is aiming to get a full ride scholarship with her running and is headed in the right direction. Look forward to seeing how that pans out for you Emily. Emily describes herself as: Constantly active, dedicated, strong willed while being a responsible, perfectionist 1st born like myself. Emily’s parents Erik & Krystal are super involved in her life as they both run themselves, which becomes a family affair when younger brother Jacob [IRHS '14] joins in (he’s also on the team). During my consult interview of Emily I got a chance to tour her room which is lined with all kinds of running awards over the years, along with some super fun motivational quotes posted around her room, she also has a “bearded dragon” named “Arizona”. I got to see Arizona get fed while I was there, it was a sight to see for sure. Next up for Emily: hopefully a running scholarship to her desired college of choice: Adam State in Colorado. Thanks so much Emily for bringing me into your world, I am forever grateful for your participation.

July in Tucson = Watermelon Eegee’s AND a TWP Photography workshop

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July in Tucson means 2 things to those that call it home:

1) Watermelon favor of the month at local favorite “Eegee’s”

and now 2) A photography Workshop by Travis Williams. I’m currently enrolling for TWP Workshop 101 – Class 105… lots of info can be found here:

I’m doing something fun so you and a friend can enjoy BOTH watermelon eegee’s and my photography workshop this JULY.

There’s only one thing better than “eegees” .. it’s “freegees”, so here’s how you can get some free eegees in JULY:

ANYONE who shares with a friend about my upcoming photography workshop that then signs up for the class, will get a

$15 gift card to eegee’s to use in the month of July.

That means you… so don’t delay, earn your “freegee’s” today… tell you friends with digital cameras to sign up. Only 6 spaces remain.

Photography Workshop 101 – July 2012 | now enrolling class “105″

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I’m super excited to announce that I’m currently enrolling “class 105″ for my 101 level photography workshop – “How to make a photograph the manual way”. This is the 5th time I’ve taught this workshop and i’m more excited about this now than ever before. I’ve got a passion to teach photography and camera usage… now I just need you, if you are passionate about learning and learning from me.

I’ve got a few seats still available.. for this upcoming class. Here are the dates and times:

This will likely be the last workshop I teach in the 2012 calendar year – with the next likely to be spring 2013 before I do another! Don’t delay, signup today!

Thursday’s in July – 3 class evenings total for this one workshop:
Thursday July 5th – 6-9pm (Classroom Theory)
Thursday July 12th – 4-8pm (on-location shootshop)
Thursday July 19th – 6-9pm (student projects – classroom)

Cost of the Workshop is: $ 225 + tax per seat

——-IS THIS FOR YOU ?————-
Here’s some thoughts on who this workshop is for:
This Workshop is for you if you:
…have a DSLR and want to know what equipment to invest in next
…use auto mode a majority of the time
…use the popup flash on the front of the camera
…aren’t happy with the results you’ve been getting from your camera
…are curious how ISO, Shutter Speed & F-stop relate to each other in order to
properly expose an image
…want to learn to be more artistic in your approach to photography
…want some general tips, tricks and rules of thumb to improve your skills as a

For more info and detailed review of the workshop look at these two previous posts:
Class 101
Class 102

Here’s a look at “Class 104″ – so much fun was had !

Are you going to be one of these “question marks” in the title image above for the next workshop???

I can be reached:

Travis Williams Photography

Please read reviews from previous students that may be found in the comments section below:

Woodford Bunch Wedding | [02.26.11] Oasis at WildHorse

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David and Susan’s wedding was a special one for me. David and I were high school basketball teammates together for 3 years… and all but 1 of his groomsmen were other teammates on our high school basketball team. It was like a regular team reunion.. I’m so pleased that David met Susan… a can’t think of a more deserving man than David to find someone that adores him as Susan appears to. The Oasis at Wild Horse Ranch was the backdrop for this wedding and Raynu and his crew always runs this as a fine oiled machine. To top it off Susan has fun friends too and I had a great crew for this wedding. A special thanks goes out to Kristin Gray of Ivory Orchid Photography for joining me and 2nd shooting, I look forward to returning the favor Kristin. Congrats to you guys David & Susan… I appreciate you looking me up after all these years David.

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